Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's Your Winter Fashion Fad??

Good Morning to all my Fashionistas out there!

For those of you who know me you would realize that I am an avid Pinterest kind of gal. I love keeping up to date with today's fashion as well as finding fun, new crafts to make! You name it and I'll figure out how to make it! I also love looking through clothes and finding out where I can buy them, but have you ever ran into something you REALLY loved and could buy it in a heartbeat but when you clicked on the picture it brought you to nowhere?? This happens to me all the time, so all the clothes I love I can never find out where they come from.

However, this post today isn't necessarily about Pinterest. I don't know if I'm out of the loop or if I'm one of the first out of all my friends to stumble upon this amazing site called Wanelo! Wanlo has almost the same layout of pinterest. The only difference is that Wanelo has a direct link for every item. For every item there is a "BUY NOW" button. Now, I know this may sound dangerous because if you're anything like me then you'll buy everything if you're not careful! There is a "Save" button that you can select a category to save it under. I have started a "Christmas Wish List" in mine which makes Christmas buying easier for everyone!

For having known of this site for over a month now, I have been a good girl and have only bought 2 items so far.

{The first Item I got was this super cute over-size sweater!}
I've been wanted an over-sized sweater to wear with leggings and this was perfect because it was long enough to wear with leggings. I love this because is VERY comfy and warm... Also if you sign up for the first time, you will receive 15% off!

I had originally thrown on a grey infinity scarf with it but I just have taken it off in this picture. I got so many compliments on it and some even said it looked really expensive and were shocked that I paid less than $40 for it!  

Now lets talk LEGGINGS! 

Leggings are by far one of my favorite winter fashions this year. Why not spice up your outfit a little bit with different colors/patters of leggings?! I'm all about the crazy pattern leggings! I'm not sure if you can tell, but in the picture above is one of my simpler looks. My leggings are grey with a darker grey pattern of different kinds of lines and snowflakes! 

When I was looking on Wanelo, I found the BEST deal on fun leggings! 
$6.00 for one pair! So in celebration of finding a great deal... I decided to treat myself to 2 pairs :)

{Don't pay attention to the hideous boots}
The actual site had more than four but I ordered the pair above with the snowflakes with yellow and blue stripes (3rd one). The other pair I got was similar to the ones on the end but a tad different. They have snowflakes and reindeer with different patterned lines than the ones above!

Unfortunately, the link to these leggings is not available anymore, but I'm sure if you Google cheap winter leggings than you'll surely run into something!

What is your Winter Fashion Fad??

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy "Owloween"

Happy {LATE} Halloween!

In case you have already written Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses off your blog list just wait!

I know I haven't been blogging lately but I promise you this is worth it ;)

As you all know, this past week was Halloween and it just so happened to be my first Halloween up here in Lawrence. I had such a fun week with my friends making our Halloween costumes. 

For the first costume, four of my friends on my door floor and I decided we wanted to make our own costumes this year....from scratch! We went to Hancock Fabrics to buy our supplies and got busy!

Objective: CRUSH Soda Can Dresses

Two our of the five of us! to my left is Megan (Orange Crush) and to my right is Annie (Grape Crush).

Surprisingly this girl had a sewing machine on our floor and slowly but surely we made the base for our dresses.

Next, we sewed on the silver sparkly ribbon to represent the silver lining on the can... (obvi). Then we started painting away!

Finally, three days later we had finished out CRUSH costumes!

This was such a fun and CHEAP way to make a Halloween least compared to some of the Halloween stores. All in all, we each paid roughly $20 for all the materials. Not to bad for a college budget, eh?!

If that wasn't enough...

The Friday after Halloween, Chi Omega had their date party, "Owloween". Chio's symbol is the Owl for those of you who aren't familiar with the Greek system!

For this party, I decided to dress my date and I up as the little yellow minions from the Pixar movie, Despicable Me. I'm obsessed with these little guys! Once again, I decided to make our costumes from scratch...
Items Needed:
Overalls (Good Will)
Yellow Hoodie (Walmart)
Black Sunglasses Frames ( I got mine at Dollar Tree and popped the lenses out)
Black Gloves
Black Shoes
Black Pipe Cleaners

Unfortunately, Tyler (the BF) had his Air Force Drill Duty back home at the military base that weekend so he couldn't be my date :(  so I took his best friend Austin instead!

I hand sewed all the pipe cleaners on the hoodies for the hair. 

{What did you do for Halloween??}

Have a Wonderful Thrilling Thursday :)