Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Rules

Good Morning My Long-Lost Bloggers!

I know that this is "against blogging rules," but I'm going to say it anyways! I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in over a month! This blog is way overdue..

I've been so busy lately with Moving to Lawrence, going through sorority recruitment  (S/O to all the Chi Omega's out there....Hoot Hoot), and settling into the "college life."

However, I DID find some free time to get back into the habit of blogging to all of you wonderful people :)

~Short and Simple~
I just fell in love with this sign. This WILL be in my future house

How adorable and true is this sign?!
Just thought I would share a "Feel Good Moment" today :)

Have a Wonderful - Witty Wednesday!
hugs and kisses


  1. Super sweet rules to live by. That would be beautiful to look at each day as a positive reminder. Best of luck at school and with everything you do.

    1. Aren't they though?? I completely agree, Thank you so much Michaela! Have a Great day!:)