Monday, July 23, 2012

Emily Maynard's Pink Lace Robe

Good Morning Bloggers!

     So last night I decided to go to a movie (SAVAGES) with Tyler instead of watching the season finale of the Bachelorette with Emily Maynard. However, I DID get to watch it in my cozy bed this morning! I got to thinking and I realized that I loved this season for multiple reason....

  1. I loved that she picked Jef 
  2. I really enjoy seeing all the places they visited
One of my absolute reasons why I watched the show is because of all the clothes Emily wore. She has such cute style from her dresses to her maxi shirts to her shoes and even to her jewelry. You name it, Emily has it all!

There was one piece that caught my eye...

This is something that maybe not everyone noticed she was wearing, but if you were paying attention you would see she wears it multiple times. This idem was the CORAL ROBE with off white LACE! The moment I saw her wearing it while she was getting ready, I knew I had to find out where she got it!

I spent all morning trying to find it, and I figured out where Emily got her classy robe!

Emily's robe is from the brand LOVE OPHELIA, and you can order yours now online!

This Coral robe is originally $76.00
BUT you can enter BACHELORETTE into the Code box when you check out for 20% off ($15.20 off) 

Order yours NOW!

Other colors : Mint, Lemon, Dusty Rose, Ivory, Dusty Blue, Pure White, Navy, and Black

I ordered the Coral one, I do not know if the BACHELORETTE code applies to the other colors or not.



  1. Oooo sister! I am loving the YELLOW one!!

    1. You would rock the Yellow one sister!

      p.s. they have wedding packages;) BOS/MOH matching pre-wedding/getting ready robes?!?! yes and yes!

  2. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! Isn't Emily like the cutest thing ever? She could totally make sweats look good. Agh!!

    Hope your Monday was great!

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by!! haha I feel you girl! If I only owned HALF of her closet, I think I would be set for life as one happy happy girl! I had a fabulous Monday! I hope you do the same!

  3. GIRL! You totally read my mind. I was seriously going to look this up today because I loved it THAT I don't have to :) Super excited about ordering one of these!!! And YES--y'all need to do the bridal cute would that be?!

    1. haha I'm so glad you found this then!! Who doesn't love some pink silk and some lace!? This makes my day, I'm so glad I could help out! Even better, if you order soon, you get $15 off! Now you are reading MY mind...bridal ones are a must! If you don't mind me did you find me??